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2 months ago

Jesus Image on Rusted Air Conditioner?

  The face of Jesus has turned up on just about everything from toast, to tree trunks, bruises, pancakes, you name it!  But the latest Jesus sighting has to be the best.  One thing is for certain – Jesus loves air conditioning.


2 months ago

12-year-olds blame horror meme Slenderman for inspiring them to stab classmate

This story is so disturbing. I don’t understand how people can be so influenced by something so obviously fake. I think kids need to get out more and away from their computers every now and then to experience the outside world. ———- Slenderman is perhaps the best-known meme to come out of “creepypasta,” the short horror […]


2 months ago

Crews recover body of teen boater who fell into Trent River

  This is so sad. ———- Crews have recovered the body of a 15-year-old boy who fell from a boat into the Trent River Monday afternoon. According to Brandon Lyon of the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, teams  using sonar found the body in the Trent River near River Bend at about 12:55 p.m. Tuesday. Divers […]


2 months ago

Staind’s Aaron Lewis Berates ‘A**Hole’ Concertgoers For ‘Molesting’ Crowd Surfing Girl

    Staind singer Aaron Lewis interrupted a show in Kansas City on Saturday, to berate some guys in the crowd for inappropriately touching a young female fan, who was crowd-surfing. Aaron stopped mid-song and yelled, quote, “You [effing A-holes], that [effing] girl right there is, like, 15 [effing] years old and you [effing] pieces of […]


2 months ago

GREEN BERET SLAMS GWYNETH PALTROW: There’s A Big Difference Between Real War And Twitter

  The public display of utter idiocy and lack of being in touch with reality doesn’t usually generate my disdain for an individual.  However, it the case Gwyneth Paltrow it does. It’s because of comments Gwyneth made earlier this week at some tech conference, saying that being bullied online as a celebrity is like being […]


2 months ago

Hellyeah: Interview and Photos

Mick interviews Tommy from Hellyeah, and check out some photos from their performance at Carolina Rebellion 2014! [Show slideshow]


2 months ago

‘Sons of Anarchy’ Casts Marilyn Manson in Recurring Role

  Get ready for more awkward on camera visuals of Marilyn Manson.  He will have a recurring role on the FX drama “Sons of Anarchy.” Manson will play Ron Tully, an imprisoned white supremacist shot-caller who Jax uses to expand his power base. I just hope his presence on screen isn’t as unsettling as his […]


2 months ago

Ford Recalls Affect 1.4 Million Vehicles

  These car recalls are getting out of hand. It makes me glad my truck is over 10 years old. ———- Ford announced Thursday four recalls affecting at least 1.4 million vehicles, the majority of which are popular SUVs that may have steering issues that result from a possible loss of power steering. The steering […]

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