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9 months ago

What Do You Poupon? [VIDEO]

Padon me, but will you Poupon my burger? This, supposed, “banned’ Grey Poupon commercial is hilarious. I highly doubt it was created by the Grey Poupon’s marketing department. Unless their sole goal was to kick K-Mart’s butt in the wordplay department while simultaneously alienating arrogant, self-absorbed customers who would never admit to having Poup(ed)-on anything. […]


10 months ago

Trooper hit at US Open, golf cart driver charged

  Authorities have charged a golf cart driver at the U.S. Open golf tournament in Pinehurst with felonies after they say he hit a trooper and tried to get away. ———- This is one way to lose your license and be another Carolina boy on a DUI scooter. At least I know where he’ll get […]


10 months ago

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Rocks With Son

  Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong played a secret show Thursday night in Oakland, Calif., with his son Joey on drums. Joey Armstrong has his own band, Emily’s Army, who have been getting their start in recent years, but the chance to play with dear old dad was truly something special.  


10 months ago

Marine Veterans Launch Kickstarter Project To Retake Fallujah [SATIRE]

  In lieu of recent events in Iraq this satirical news story from Duffle Blog is a must read.  To all my fellow Iraq vets out there, I thank you. To see Iraq fall apart pisses me off, but isn’t that surprising. Good thing the Duffle Blog can bring a smile out of a situation […]


10 months ago

Lemmy Pancake Is Cooler Than Jesus Potato Chip

  Joining a hallowed group that includes the walnut that looks like Chewbacca, the chicken nugget that looks like George Washington and, of course, the potato chip that looks like Jesus, comes what is undoubtedly the coolest food item that looks like somebody famous – a Lemmy pancake. I only hope it has hints of […]


10 months ago

Grieving family adopts military dog that was with son on last mission

  This is an amazing story that lets a family have a little bit of their with them. I definitely recommend reading the whole article. ———- Parents of a Marine who was killed in Afghanistan have adopted the bomb-sniffing dog that was with their son on his final mission. Staff Sgt. Christopher Diaz’s parents took […]


10 months ago

‘Fat’? ‘Jumbo’? Clothing label unveils new sizes

  Shame definitely can be a way to manipulate people to do what you want. Is it the right thing to do? Hell no! But that hasn’t stopped a clothing company from doing it. Welcome to the world of Japan. ———- A Japanese clothing company has replaced the usual sizes (think S, M, and L) with ones […]


10 months ago

Scientists Built a Robot That Lets You Feel Virtual Breasts

  Haptic technology has come a long way in recent years. And at long last, it’s finally reached its inevitable conclusion: Boobs. More specifically, Japanese researchers have developed a robot hand that uses haptic technology to simulate softness on individual fingertips. Other than acting as a stand-in lady friend for lonely scientists, the device has […]

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