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9 months ago

TLC Cancels ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ in Wake of Child Molestation Scandal

  Looks like TLC “redneck-ognized” a potential P.R. nightmare. ———- News of June “Mama June” Shannon’s relationship with a man who was convicted of molesting a young relative surfaced on Thursday. TLC issued a statement to TheWrap: “TLC has cancelled the series ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ and ended all activities around the series, effective […]


9 months ago

Probe: Athletes took fake classes at University of North Carolina

  RALEIGH N.C. (Reuters) – More than 3,000 students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill received credit for fake classes over an 18-year period as part of a program that allowed many of them to remain eligible to play sports, according to a report released on Wednesday. The investigation by former federal […]

NY Daily News

9 months ago

‘Goodfellas’ actor sues Fox for ‘Simpsons’ allegedly stealing his likeness

  Looks like someone needs some cash. Hopefully this lawsuit is as doomed as his character in the movie. ———- A “Goodfellas” actor claims Fox ripped off his persona for a “Simpsons” character and is looking to sink his meat hooks into the studio for $250 million. Frank Sivero, who played doomed gangster Frankie Carbone […]

OMG Facts

9 months ago

Bayer once used heroin to treat children’s coughs

  Let’s say little Timmy had a cough. What would you give him? Well, if you lived in the early 20th Century, more than likely, you’d give him heroin. Try doing that today. Just imagine complaining to a buddy about a cough you had and he says, “Here man, try some heroin. That will help.” […]


9 months ago

How To Prepare For Second Puberty

The Columbus Dispatch

9 months ago

Woman lies about Ebola to get faster emergency response

  It’s amazing what people will do just to get special treatment. ———- Paramedics in hazmat suits descended on a Columbus, Ohio home last night after a woman told a fire dispatcher that her sister had an extremely high fever and might have Ebola. “I’m scared. I think my sister has Ebola. Her fever is […]


10 months ago

Afroman releases positive remix of ‘Because I Got High’

Afroman (in collaboration with the Weedmaps app and marijuana lobby NORML) released a new version of ‘Because I Got High’ in support of marijuana legalization. ———- You have to love lyrics like “I use to take Xanax, but then I got high.” Although I didn’t hear him sing “I use have an urge for sex, […]

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