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6 months ago

Rapper DMX Screams His Face Off on Amusement Park Ride

  This doesn’t do anything to help boost street cred for a rapper. Regardless, it’s always fun to watch people lose their ever loving mind on an amusement park ride. If you ask me he (at the :18 mark in the video above) sounds like Forrest Gump (go to :49  in the video below)   […]


6 months ago

No Choice Frozen Dinners (Commercial Parody)

No Choice microwave meals aren’t your standard TV dinners, they’re the meal you deserve because you’re out of shape, you work hard at a job just to throw it all away on drinking, being loud in front of respectable strangers and making sure that women will stay away from you until the day you are […]


6 months ago

Man arrested for drunk driving on a lawnmower

    Finding time to cut down weeds can be a challenge for people with busy schedules.  However, deciding to do so at 10 p.m. after drinking just highlights poor choices. Especially when a riding lawn mower is used for weeds on a busy street. Looks like someone was drinking Incarceration Brewery’s D.U.I.P.A ———- A […]


6 months ago

Slipknot Offer Fourth New Album Teaser Video

  Slipknot continue to roll out the creepiness, unveiling the fourth video teaser for their upcoming album.


6 months ago

Mike Tyson Mysteries – San Diego Comic Con 2014 Sneak Peek

A year ago I fist heard about Mike Tyson getting a cartoon. I can finally say this will be a must see – simply for the wacky humor of Iron Mike and the twisting of it I’m sure the producers will do. Add to it Mike’s inability to pronounce some words and you have gold. […]


6 months ago

Kid Rock subpoenaed, ordered to turn over glass sex toy in ICP lawsuit

  Kid Rock has been dragged into an ongoing sexual harassment lawsuit against the Insane Clown Posse because he allegedly owns a key piece of evidence in the case: a glass dildo. He has two weeks to respond to a subpoena issued by the attorneys for Andrea Pellegrini, who filed a lawsuit against ICP and its […]


6 months ago

Comedy Central Gets in on Shark Week Stunts with ‘Shart Week’

  Exactly one week before Discovery’s Shark Week this summer, Comedy Central presents a week-long programming stunt that’s up a totally different alley. Shart Week is “a week-long exhibition of the finest in poop-themed programming.” ———- I sure hope Comedy Central gives credit where credit is due. Twitter user @PeytonsHead posted this last year.   #SharkWeek is […]


6 months ago

Black and white is the new orange? Sheriff buys jail jumpsuits after orange becomes ‘cool’

  I’m a huge fan of the Netflix show “Orange Is The New Black.” However, I haven’t found myself wanting to wear an orange prison jumpsuit because of it. Apparently people in Saginaw, Michigan do. I think it’s safe to say the people in Saginaw don’t get out much and have a poor fashion sense. […]

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