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3 weeks ago

Travel Channel Halts Adam Richman’s Show After He Tells Girl to Kill Herself

  Days after he was caught telling a random woman on Instagram that she should kill herself, Adam Richman’s new show on the Travel Channel was abruptly cancelled before its premiere without a public explanation. ———– Having read the comments, I don’t think an explanation is necessary. Adam handled this in the absolutely worst way […]


3 weeks ago

Nickelback or ‘nickel sack?’ Deputies mistake conversation about rock band for drug reference

Let this story be a lesson for you:  Never talk about NICKELBACK in public.  It’s not only shameful, it might also get you ARRESTED. Two guys in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho found out the consequences of publicly discussing Nickelback the hard way back on June 20th. They were at a gas station talking about how a […]


4 weeks ago

Gun safety PSA features kids sword fighting with sex toys

“If they find it. They’ll play with it.” Those are the words of this PSA promoting gun safety. Though it’s a true statement I don’t think using sex toys to promote it is a good message for young boys. Let’s think about that. When a young boy finds “himself” he will play with “himself.” And […]


4 weeks ago

Crazy Bearded Man Gives Wonderful Life Advice Mixed With Fart Noises

This is absolutely amazing in both insanity and wisdom. ———– When stopped and questioned by two young filmmakers, Matthew Silver dropped a metric s***-ton of life advice on their unsuspecting brains. Not only that, he peppered his sage wisdom with fart noises and chicken-clucking.


4 weeks ago

Police search for man accused of stabbing ex, kidnapping daughter

  Police say they are searching for a man who stabbed his ex-girlfriend and kidnapped their 2-year-old daughter Thursday morning. Investigators say they are working to get an AMBER Alert issued. According to Grifton Police, they were told by the Kinston Department of Public Safety that 29-year-old Devine Dashawn Exum was spotted driving west on […]

The TaTa Top

4 weeks ago

The Original TaTa Top

  From a distance this will generate plenty of chubs in board shorts. Guys, prepare yourself according – there’s no denying a boner at the beach. ———- The TaTa Top is the perfect piece for almost any occasion. Whether it be at the beach, on a boat, walking down the street, or a child’s birthday […]


4 weeks ago

American Exchange Student Pulled Out of Giant German Vagina

  Any rock climber will tell you not to stiffen up if you get stuck in a crevice or other tight spot. This guy didn’t get that memo. However, in his defense, it’s hard not to stiffen up when you climb in a giant vagina. Unfortunately, he couldn’t pull out and had to be rescued. […]


4 weeks ago

Peanut, the Ugliest Dog in the World hails from Greenville, NC

  It is nice to see Greenville recognized on the world level, but does it have to be this? I mean no offense to Peanut. I’m sure he is a great, yet utterly frightening looking, dog. Regardless, congratulations Peanut. More importantly Peanut’s owner, Holly Chandler, deserves more recognition for using the prize to money to […]

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