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OMG Facts

1 week ago

Bayer once used heroin to treat children’s coughs

  Let’s say little Timmy had a cough. What would you give him? Well, if you lived in the early 20th Century, more than likely, you’d give him heroin. Try doing that today. Just imagine complaining to a buddy about a cough you had and he says, “Here man, try some heroin. That will help.” […]

The Columbus Dispatch

2 weeks ago

Woman lies about Ebola to get faster emergency response

  It’s amazing what people will do just to get special treatment. ———- Paramedics in hazmat suits descended on a Columbus, Ohio home last night after a woman told a fire dispatcher that her sister had an extremely high fever and might have Ebola. “I’m scared. I think my sister has Ebola. Her fever is […]


2 weeks ago

Afroman releases positive remix of ‘Because I Got High’

Afroman (in collaboration with the Weedmaps app and marijuana lobby NORML) released a new version of ‘Because I Got High’ in support of marijuana legalization. ———- You have to love lyrics like “I use to take Xanax, but then I got high.” Although I didn’t hear him sing “I use have an urge for sex, […]


2 weeks ago

Dee and Mick on stage at Peasants Pub in Greenville!

Dee from the Lex & Terry Morning Show and Mick chop it up on stage with Shrub at Peasants Pub in Greenville!

Mail Online

2 weeks ago

TV hosts question man who ‘lost virginity to a car’

  If you thought you had problems, you haven’t met this guy. ———- Edward Smith, from Washington State, told presenters Phillip Schofield and Amanda Holden is a mechaphile, meaning he is sexually interested in machines.

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