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6 months ago

Bar asks mom to stop drinking while breastfeeding

  A mother is angry after a manager at a local bar and grill asked her to stop breastfeeding while consuming alcohol. Crystal McCullough was at Big Woody’s in Chesapeake, Virginia and ordered a shot of Fireball Whiskey and a beer, WTKR reports. She claims she was sipping the beer (and a water), but was […]


6 months ago

‘Sleepy Hollow’ Marketers Sorry for ‘National Beheading Day’ Stunt

The Fox series “Sleepy Hollow” drew ire on social media Tuesday for a marketing campaign touting “National Beheading Day” on the same day the world learned terrorist group ISIS claimed to have decapitated American journalist Steven Sotloff. Sleepy Hollow is issuing an apology for the show’s #HeadlessDay promotion. The show is promoting its Season 1 DVD release […]


6 months ago

The Idiot’s Guide to College

A four-year vacation to an exotic paradise called The Undergraduate Experience.


6 months ago

Mother Unable to Tell her Quadruplets Apart, Shaves Numbers into Their Heads

  They say a mother is always able to recognize her children even if her offspring are genetically identical.  Surely even Nadya Suleman, the infamous Octomom, is able to tell the difference between each child in her artificially created brood. But what about the rest of us?  Without a maternal connection to sets of identical […]


6 months ago

A Denny’s in New York Is Selling a $300 Grand Slam Breakfast

  Nothing says you have class like buying expensive champagne at a greasy spoon. The very first Denny’s in Manhattan opened over the weekend.  And how did they celebrate finally cracking the New York City market?  By selling a breakfast approximately 6,000% more expensive than their average breakfast. The Denny’s in New York City has […]

The Huffington Post

6 months ago

‘I have to get onstage': Florida stripper hangs up on cop working to find missing daughter

  A Florida stripper hung up on a cop who called to help find the woman’s missing young daughter because the stripper had to get up onstage at the jiggle joint, police said. Cops then called Boucher on her cellphone to get more information on the child. While the mom said she was the last […]


6 months ago

Action Movie Kid – Volume 2

In the world of imagination nothing beats the mind of a kid. Except, when you team it up with a father’s animation abilities. If you thought you had a cool dad, you haven’t seen this guy. I have to admit, I’m kind of jealous of this kid.     Don’t forget to check out Volume […]


6 months ago

Good God, Someone’s Selling a 99-Pack of Beer

  Because everything is bigger in Texas, an Austin brewery has made a 99 pack of beers for 99 bucks. Ninety-nine beers, in one case. God bless America. ———- Just imagine a drunk guy trying to buy one of these at gas station. Honestly, I feel bad for the delivery guys that have to stock […]

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