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7 months ago

Police searching for underwear thief

  There’s a panty thief in Greenville, and it isn’t a frat boy. ———- Greenville police are searching for a woman who they say stole $240 worth of bras and underwear.


7 months ago

Ozzy Osbourne: We’re Going to Do One Album and a Final Tour

  According to singer Ozzy Osbourne, the band has begun to plot its end, as they plan on heading back into the studio in 2015 before embarking on one final tour.


7 months ago

TV News Anchor Confuses Peonies For Panties

  Anqunette Jamison and Jay Towers were bantering early in the morning, a few weeks ago, about flowers. Jamison spoke of her love of peonies. Towers thought she said something else. Pretty much every guy would have done the same. Check it out.


7 months ago

Masturbating Virgin Passenger’s Attempted Escape Gets Flight Grounded

  Doug Adams, a passenger on a Virgin Atlantic flight from Logan Airport to LAX, reportedly caused the plane to be diverted to Omaha after he was allegedly caught masturbating on board Monday. Unlike recent incidents involving public masturbation, this seems slightly more reasonable-it’s a long flight. People get horny over the course of six […]


7 months ago

Taco Truck Meth Bust Would Disappoint Heisenberg

Did you ever watch an episode of “Breaking Bad” and think to yourself, “Man, this show is basically giving a step-by-step blueprint to drug dealing. Some idiot out there is going to try these things”? So, some idiots out there tried these things. Except they didn’t keep their businesses separate the way Gus Fring did in “Breaking […]


7 months ago

New Toilet Paper, for Feces Free Hands

  A New York man’s Kickstarter page is raising funds for a “new toilet paper” he says uses “pocket cleaning power” to guarantee “feces free hands.” Michael Findlay’s page on the crowd-funding site says using “extra layers of toilet paper to avoid touching any fecal matter” is “a waste of paper and can cause toilet […]


7 months ago

Woman Gets Third Breast to Make Her ‘Unattractive’

  A Florida woman who spent $20,000 to have a third breast implanted in the middle of her chest said she wanted to be “unattractive” to men and land her own TV show. Jasmine Tridevil, 21, of Tampa, said more than 50 doctors turned her down before she was able to find a surgeon willing […]

Rolling Stone

7 months ago

Metallica to Issue 27 Live Albums by End of 2014

  Metallica will be issuing a live CD of every concert they played in 2014 by the end of the year. The group will be unrolling the releases in three-album batches each Monday through the end of the year in the order they played the shows, beginning with Bogotá, Colombia. It’s also offering a box […]

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