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7 months ago

​Study Finds Sexting Is the New First Base for Teens

  We are truly in the digital era. Gone are the days when the beginning of adolescent foreplay meant making out with a side of heavy petting. According to a study published in the journal Pediatrics, sexting is so normal among teens today that it’s the new first base. ———- So, what do we call […]

Unfair Park

7 months ago

Dallas Newspaper Picks the Wrong Week for its “Taste of Africa Comes to Dallas!” Cover

  Dallas Weekly, one of the city’s main black-owned newspapers, just published its latest issue online. The issue date suggests the…


7 months ago

Woman named Isis wants media to stop using ISIS

  This is not the ISIS you’re looking for. ———- Isis was the 575th most popular baby name in 2013. It’s also the name of the most frightening terrorist organization in the world. So…the terrorists named ISIS have made things tough for all the WOMEN named Isis. Isis Martinez of Miami, Florida is one of […]

The Huffington Post

7 months ago

Scroguard: A Scrotal Condom For The Common Man

  This might be the best form of birth control to hit the market yet — because nobody will have sex with you if you wear it.  


7 months ago

Thom Yorke’s BitTorrent release had over a million downloads in six days

  So, how did Thom Yorke’s latest music-distribution venture go? Pretty well, it seems. The Radiohead-frontman’s second solo album, Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, achieved over a million downloads in six days via BitTorrent Bundle, according to the peer-to-peer network’s blog. ———— Trent Reznor tried it and went back to the traditional route. I wonder how it will work for Thom […]


7 months ago

Nicholas Sparks being sued over allegations of racism, homophobia

  Best-selling author Nicholas Sparks is being sued by a former headmaster of Sparks’ school in New Bern, who accuses the writer of being a homophobic, anti-Semitic racist, according to lawsuit documents obtained by NewsChannel 12.


7 months ago

‘Bra Cam’ exposes how much women get oogled in a day

Nestle’s Fitness cereal teamed with a French ad agency to create a “bra cam” video documenting how many glances a woman’s breasts received in a day. The video, created by Nestle and agency McCann Paris, shows the bra’s-eye-view of all the glances a woman’s chest received from men, women and children while she went about her daily […]


7 months ago

Police searching for underwear thief

  There’s a panty thief in Greenville, and it isn’t a frat boy. ———- Greenville police are searching for a woman who they say stole $240 worth of bras and underwear.

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