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The Huffington Post

5 months ago

‘I have to get onstage': Florida stripper hangs up on cop working to find missing daughter

  A Florida stripper hung up on a cop who called to help find the woman’s missing young daughter because the stripper had to get up onstage at the jiggle joint, police said. Cops then called Boucher on her cellphone to get more information on the child. While the mom said she was the last […]


5 months ago

Action Movie Kid – Volume 2

In the world of imagination nothing beats the mind of a kid. Except, when you team it up with a father’s animation abilities. If you thought you had a cool dad, you haven’t seen this guy. I have to admit, I’m kind of jealous of this kid.     Don’t forget to check out Volume […]


5 months ago

Good God, Someone’s Selling a 99-Pack of Beer

  Because everything is bigger in Texas, an Austin brewery has made a 99 pack of beers for 99 bucks. Ninety-nine beers, in one case. God bless America. ———- Just imagine a drunk guy trying to buy one of these at gas station. Honestly, I feel bad for the delivery guys that have to stock […]


5 months ago

Sleep Disorder Makes People Appear ‘Totally Drunk’

  Sleep drunkenness, more properly called confusional arousal, involves confusion or inappropriate behavior during or after waking from sleep, often with no memory of the experience. ———- So, it looks like there are people who hit the bed, and throw back some z’s, and go on a sleep bender. Just remember, friends don’t let friends […]

Washington Post

5 months ago

The $10 “Meat Mountain” is exactly what it sounds like

The restaurant is now serving every meat on the menu — in one sandwich. ———- In our ever diverse society we have to choose our words cafefully, because people can get offended by taking things out of context. Arby’s doesn’t subscribe to this type of thinking. At least with the fact they are now selling a sandwich […]


5 months ago

Carteret County Man Unfamiliar With ‘Bros Before Hos’

  A Carteret County man is accused of stabbing his half brother after an argument over a woman, investigators said.  


5 months ago

Pitt County’s First case of Chikungunya virus leaves Mick wondering what other oddly named viruses exist in ENC

  Pitt County has its first case of Chikungunya, a mosquito-borne virus that causes fever, joint pain, swelling and other symptoms. ——— This sounds like a virus I don’t want to get. Although, being this is North Carolina, the name – Chikungunya – might be mistaken for a woman who would shoot someone. Keep in […]


5 months ago

Baby Got Class — A back to school parody

If this North Carolina couple keeps this magic up they won’t have to worry about the cost of daycare. They’ll be raking in the YouTube dough. Check out the previous viral hit “Christmas Jammies.” This one goes out to all the teachers, bus drivers, administrators, and support staff who teach and love our children. THANK […]

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