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2 months ago

Man Arrested for “Passive-Aggressively” Stabbing a Watermelon

  A Connecticut man is accused of stabbing a watermelon with a butcher knife and leaving it in the kitchen for a woman to see, in what police describe as a “passive aggressive” swipe that landed him in custody. She was unnerved by what she perceived to be a menacing gesture directed at her and […]


2 months ago

Prank your way out of a DUI

Don’t drink and drive.  If you have had to much to drink and can’t afford a cab do what Tom Mabe did. Prank your way out of a DUI. This is genius!  


2 months ago

Mom asked to leave restaurant for changing diaper on table

  A Texas mother was asked to leave a pizzeria after she changed a dirty diaper at a table in the restaurant. Miranda Sowers was at Brother’s Pizza Express with her three children when she realized that the diaper of her 4-month-old had to be changed. Sowers didn’t want to take the infant and her other […]


2 months ago

The only way pained faces of soloing rockstars make sense

The strained and pained faces guitar players make when soloing has always baffled me, if not pissed me off. Although my anger is solely directed at the annoying faces of Steve Vai.     Fortunately I’ve found a way to have it all make sense. Just imagine them holding giant slugs. Then and only then […]


2 months ago

Heavy rain and flood risk this weekend

Several inches of rain is expected to fall over the course of the weekend on already saturated ground, heightening the flood risk. We are expecting at least 1-3″ of rain over the weekend. Depending on where the biggest downpours track, some spots could see as much as 4-5″ over 48 hours. Rain will be heaviest […]


2 months ago

Foo Fighters Tease Eighth Album With New Sound Clip

We’ve got the first snippet of the Foo Fighters’ upcoming record! ——- The theme of “eight” is prevalent with the Foo Fighter upcoming eighth studio album. The band traveled to eight cities to record eight songs for their upcoming HBO documentary “Sonic Highways.” So, it’s only fitting that the Foo Fighters release and 8-second snippet […]


2 months ago

Mom Criticized For Dressing Up 4-Year-Old Daughter As Hooters Waitress For Beauty Pageant

A mom featured on the British documentary show Blinging Up Baby has been criticized for dressing up her 4-year-old daughter as a Hooters waitress for a beauty pageant. ——– The criticism is fully justified when a four-year-old girl is taught a dance routine that includes pelvic thrusts all while wearing a Hooters outfit. These pageants in general […]

Can You Actually

2 months ago

Clean Your Dirty Balls With The World’s First Portable Beer Pong Ball Washer.

  Beer pong just got a lot more serious. Meet Tyler Dobush, he is the inventor of world’s first portable and automatic beer pong ball washer, known simply as The Clean Cup.   ———- Tyler is hoping to raise $40,000 from his Kickstarter campaign. The sad reality is he has only raised $8,322 so far […]

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