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2 days ago

Kim Kardashian’s Nude Paper Magazine Shots Being Used in SAT Prep

  As if Kim Kardashian needs another reason to feed her ego. I can assume she will claim that she’s helping to educate future college students. Kim Kardashian’s nude Paper magazine shots have been parodied in every possible way, but the photos are now also being used in SAT prep! #KimKardashian #SAT #math pic.twitter.com/9DAoa9gxPZ — […]


3 days ago

This “Normal Barbie” Comes With Cellulite, Stretch Marks, Acne, And Tattoos

Finally there’s a Barbie doll that’s representative of the women I’ve dated over the years. Not that I play with dolls, but it’s awesome that girls have a more realistic representation of femininity with this. But wait, there’s more. Scroll down to check the add-on accessories like moles, freckles, stitches, scrapes, and scars. There are bruises How about […]


3 weeks ago

Women Decides to Eat Dog Food For Six Days to Lose Weight

  Yes, it’s an insane idea, but columnist Anne Kadet decided to up her paleo diet to a Rover-style plate. Simple and holistic.Yum? ———- Uh, no. This seems more like desperation than than an economical approach to dieting. Although you might find me eating some Beggin’ Strips…BACON!


3 weeks ago

Daylight Saving – Movie Trailer

This November, they call it Daylight Saving but the thing that needs saving…is us! WHAT TIME IS IT?!


4 weeks ago

The Black Keys On Touring [Turn Blue]

Watch The Black Keys discuss the Turn Blue World Tour.


4 weeks ago

Of Course You Can Buy A “Sexy Ebola Nurse” Halloween Costume

  WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? A Halloween costume company is now selling a SEXY EBOLA NURSE costume. The company behind it started selling an Ebola Containment Suit costume a few weeks ago . . . we’re surprised it took them this long to crank out a “sexy” version for people who don’t fully understand the […]


4 weeks ago

If Drivers Ed Was Taught Like Sex Ed [VIDEO]

“Don’t drive! If you have to drive…wear a seatbelt. But don’t drive!”

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