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14 hours ago

    The latest Brian Williams rap mash-up is worth a listen.  B-Dub has a nice flow.  


2 days ago

Kraft recalls 96,000 pounds of hot dogs after packaging problem

    If you were surprised to find cheese in your wiener this weekend. Blame Kraft foods. they recalling 96,000 pounds of Oscar Mayer Classic Wieners thanks to a labeling mistake. I feel those lactose intolerant people who unknowingly chowed down cheese hot dogs at their Easter BBQ. Look, finding cheese in your wiener when […]


2 days ago

Powdered Alcohol, Coming to a Liquor Store Near You

    Introducing Palcohol, the world’s sneakiest and most efficient way to get drunk. This week, the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau approved the powdered booze product, and its makers hopes to unleash it on an unsuspecting public this fall. ———- Just don’t get it confused with your headache powder.


6 days ago

Video Selfie Gets Guy A Boot To The Face [VIDEO]

    The epidemic of selfies will continue as long as people get attention for taking them. Take this guy for example. He thought it would be cool to take a selfie with a train going past right behind him. Little did he know the conductor of the train doesn’t like selfies and let him […]


1 week ago

Priceless Twitter Reactions to That NSFW US Airways Tweet

    US Airways made one of the worst mistakes in Twitter history yesterday and accidentally posted a photo of a woman having relations with a toy plane. I don’t know what’s more entertaining – US Airways mistake or the comments people are making online. Sorry @USAirways I thought that was a DM #mybad — […]


1 week ago

Fisherman Finds Adult Toy in Cod

    I know you have to be careful when eating “bone in” fish, but this is ridiculous. ———- A Norwegian fisherman got a big surprise recently when he was cleaning the delicious 11-pound cod he had caught and found that the fish had enjoyed an unexpected dinner of its own when he pulled a […]


1 week ago

Guy Tries To Spice Up Love Life With Melted Gummy Bears…Sends Girlfriend To E.R.

    I’m not sure gummy bears are the most EROTIC food . . . they’re probably not even in the top 100 most erotic foods.  And this certainly doesn’t help their case. A couple in Clarksville, Tennessee named Michael and Josi wanted to spice up their sex life . . . so they came […]


2 weeks ago

Social Media Convention Features Song Called “Let’s Get Social”…And It’s Terrible [VIDEO]

    The 2014 Social Media Marketing convention went down in San Diego last month.  And one part of it featured a woman singing an original song called ”Let’s Get Social” that was comically bad. The actual singing wasn’t exactly horrible, but the lyrics were lame.  For example, the opening line was, quote, “Showing you things you […]

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