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This week’s Super Car of the Week is an Acura NSX owned by Alec and Samantha Fields of New Bern. Alec bought his NXS on March 31st of 2012. “When I was in high school I used to be in love with the 3000GT, and when I looked up the pictures of them I saw one that looked a little different. So, I checked it out. It ended up being an Acura NSX. I instantly fell in love after seeing what they were all about, and made it a goal to own one!”

Alec has owned several sporty cars in the past including a 1988 MX-6 GT Turbo. “The last one I had was a 1991 Acura Integra that I hit a guard rail in, and then decided to go with trucks until I could afford a “real” sports car. It ended up being my NSX.” “One of my favorite parts of my NSX is the mystery surrounding it. I can’t go to a gas station without someone asking me what the heck it is, or if it’s the new Corvette! Most people know little about the NSX so it is a fun conversation piece.”

Alec’s favorite place to drive his car was the West Virginia turnpike late at night. “There was so little traffic that I was able to treat it like my own personal race track and really press through the banked turns in the mountains in a “spirited” manner.” The NSX has helped inspire Alec with his side business and continues to help him meet new people and experience things that he wouldn’t have the opportunity to enjoy before the car.

Alec would recommend an Acura NSX to anyone that would love to enjoy the combination of a perfectly well rounded sports car with the reliability to be driven every day. “After all….the engine does say Honda on it!”

Look for Alec and Samantha cruising around the New Bern area. If you see them, give them “thumbs up!” Thanks for sharing your Sports Car with us!


Alec and Samantha Fields – Acura NSX – Super Car of the Week