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1 month ago

NFL Apologizes For Penalizing Player Praying After TD

The Chiefs’ Husain Abdullah returned an interception 39 yards for a touchdown Monday night, slid on his knees and bowed in prayer. His celebration drew a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, but the NFL said Tuesday that Abdullah should not have been penalized. The Council on American-Islamic Relations issued a statement asking that the NFL take […]


1 month ago

Hair salon to provide beers, boobs and a haircut

CLIENTS of a controversial hair salon will now have the chance to drink beer while they perve on half-dressed staff and get a haircut. ———- Why don’t we have this in the US? Dammit America, get on this!!

Washington Post

1 month ago

White House Intruder Made It Much Further Than Originally Reported

Omar Gonzalez is said to have gone farther into the mansion than was previously known, overpowering a guard and running through the main floor. ———– He basically ended up in the East Room where the President signs bills and holds press conferences. Had Obama or Biden been around at that time, it’s a very real […]

Footage From The Volcanic Eruption In Japan

1 month ago

Volcanic Eruption In Japan (Camera Phone Video)

This is scary!


1 month ago

Manhunt underway after officer shot in Ferguson, Mo.

A manhunt was underway Sunday for the man who shot a Ferguson police officer in the arm Saturday night. ———– Just in case you thought things have quieted down in the Midwest.


1 month ago

‘Most Interesting Man’ Hunts Landmines… IN REAL LIFE

TV’s “most interesting man in the world,” known in Dos Equis beer commercials for achieving the wildly impossible, probably could eliminate landmines by himself – using only his beard. But actor Jonathan Goldsmith, who has played the cultural icon for nearly nine years, is looking for help from others. He’s raising funds for landmine removal […]

NY Daily News

1 month ago

Dutch man turns amputated leg into a lamp, tries to sell it on eBay

A Dutch man turned his amputated leg into a lamp and tried to auction it off on eBay with a starting bid of $80,000. ———- This is one of the most creepy/brilliant ideas I’ve ever heard of. And the lamp is pretty cool/creepy looking too.


1 month ago

TATTOOING Close Up (in Slow Motion)

A symphony of pain and beauty all rolled into one.

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