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1 month ago

Ben Edelman, Harvard Business School Professor, Goes to War Over $4 Worth of Chinese Food

If you’ve ever wondered what happens when a Harvard Business School professor thinks a family-run Chinese restaurant screwed him out of $4, you’re about to find out. ———- I have a feeling $4 are nothing for this guy which makes this story that much more pathetic.


1 month ago

Awash in Plastic: Oceans May Hold 250,000 Tons of Trash

Ocean waters may hold 10 times more garbage than a previous estimate. ———- This is bad. Not really more you can say until the world decides to work together and fix it.


2 months ago

Onslow Co. parents concerned about “After School” app used for cyber bullying

We received several phone calls from concerned parents in the Richlands area about cyberbullying, involving a cell phone app named After School. ———- I honestly don’t understand why kids have smartphones. I can almost understand giving them a simple phone for emergencies but kids with smarphones is stupid. And this is one of the many […]


2 months ago

Struggling waitress gets unbelievable, life-changing tip

BRANSON, Missouri – A struggling waitress in Missouri recently got the tip of a lifetime: A new car. It’s not uncommon for people to be a little more generous around the holidays. But, a tip Cindy … ———- Stories like this give me hope for humanity.


2 months ago

Mad Max: Fury Road – Official Theatrical Teaser Trailer

The world goes mad Summer 2015.

NBC Southern California

2 months ago

Walgreens Pulling “Swastika” Wrapping Paper After SoCal Woman’s Complaint

Walgreens is pulling a wrapping paper print from it shelves a day after a Southern California woman complained about finding swastikas in the design, a company spokesman said Sunday. ———- I hope this was an honest mistake and doesn’t turn into another soapbox to start another cultural divide in this country.

Tech Times

2 months ago

Turns Out The Discontinued iPod Classic Is Worth A Lot Of Money Online

Two months after iPod Classics were discontinued, the old models are being sold online for big bucks. While the first generation Apple iPod 5 GB is actually posted on Amazon for $30,000 (with only $4.94 for shipping), 160 GB models are more realistically listed for around $470. ———- Sounds like the hipsters are at it […]


2 months ago

In Seven States, Atheists Push to End Largely Forgotten Ban

It has been 53 years since the Supreme Court ruled that states could not have a “religious test” for public office, but a belief in God remains a requirement in Maryland and other states. ———- Regardless of your religious beliefs, how can this be considered constitutional?

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