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11 months ago

If Men Were Honest When Hitting On Women [Video]

“I’m compensating. Do you like that?” ———- Haha… but seriously.


11 months ago

Town Of Nothing But Women Looking For Single Men

More than 600 women make up the population of Noiva do Cordeiro, southeast Brazil, and they are renowned in the local area for being extremely attractive. ———- Why do I see this becoming a hot spot for Spring Break destination vacations very soon?

Las Vegas Review-Journal

11 months ago

9 Year Old Accidentally Kills Shooting Instructor With Uzi

A instructor who was shot by a 9-year-old girl who fired an Uzi at a Northern Arizona shooting range died Monday night at University Medical Center in Las Vegas. ———- Why the hell was a 9 year old firing an Uzi in the first place? I have no problem with teaching your kids about guns […]


11 months ago

Jean-Claude Van Damme Kicking Ice With Mullet (Coors Light Commercial)

Uploaded with permission from Ad Agency VCCP and Coors Light for http://adsoftheworld.com ———- Am I the only one that thinks his commercials are 10 times better than his movies recently?

TV Guide

11 months ago

Full House Cast and Producers Mulling a Revival

Could a Full House return be in the works? The family sitcom, which aired on ABC from 1987 to 1995, is still a ratings juggernaut via repeats on Nick at Nite. Now Warner Bros. TV is mulling a new take on Full House, with some of the original cast intact. ———- Not gonna lie, I […]


11 months ago

Unidentified red orbs spotted off our coast

People reported seeing at least 10 red circles in the sky above Eastern North Carolina this past weekend. After one women took a video of the event, she learned other people have been seeing these mysterious orbs as well. ———- Where’s that guy with the hair from the History Channel when you need him? Aliens […]

Brownsville Herald

11 months ago

Rare Superman comic book fetches a record $3.2M

A rare, nearly flawless copy of Superman’s comic-book debut has sold for a super-powered price: $3.2 million. New York comics dealers Stephen Fishler and Vincent Zurzolo said Monday they submitted Sunday’s record-setting bid in the eBay auction for Action Comics No. 1, the 1938 book in which the superhero first appeared. It’s believed to be […]

Mail Online

11 months ago

Chef Killed By Cobra 20 Minutes After “Killing” It

WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT: A chef preparing a dish made from cobra flesh died after the snake bit his hand – 20 minutes after he had severed it from its body. Peng Fan from Foshan, Guangdong province, southern China, had been preparing a special dish made from Indochinese spitting cobra, a rare delicacy. It was […]

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