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11 months ago

Red Robin Owns Distinction of Serving America’s Unhealthiest Meal

Red Robin is home to the unhealthiest meal in America, according to USA Today. In a report released by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, the “Monster” double burger, “bottomless” fries and a “Monster” milkshake clocks in at 3,450 calories. Also on the list were offerings from The Cheesecake Factory, including a “Brulee […]


11 months ago

How Much Sleep Do You Actually Need? [Video]

Are you over or under sleeping? ———- I used to undersleep when I was younger but nowadays I’m right in the sweet spot most nights.


11 months ago

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies [Official Teaser Trailer]

Sad to see this come to an end but looks like it’s going out with a bang!


11 months ago

Peyton Manning Dancing To ‘Rocky Top’

KUSA- The Denver Broncos start their stretching period with music which sets the tone for the practice. ———- Has anything whiter ever happened? Stick to throwing TDs Peyton!

The Huffington Post

11 months ago

Former WWE Champ Daniel Bryan Catches Suspected Burglar

A former WWE champion known as Daniel Bryan chased two burglary suspects he saw exiting his Phoenix home this week and subdued one until officers arrived, investigators said. ———- I hope the robbers had a “Dude, wrestling is fake.” conversation before they decided to rob the house. Either way this is still hilarious!


11 months ago

See 5 minutes of the ‘Simpsons’-‘Family Guy’ Crossover

If you’ve always wondered what would happen if Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson hung out at a bar while Bart and Stewie made prank phone calls. ———- Premiering Sept. 28, 2014.


11 months ago

Mad Max: Fury Road [Comic-Con First Look]

Only the mad survive. 2015. ———- I’m not a big fan of remakes but this one looks solid.

Mail Online

12 months ago

Spruced Up app lets you erase photobombers from your pictures

Spruced up!, a professional retouching app, aims to enhance and preserve your pictures as you choose. Maybe Taylor Swift, pictured, should use it. ———- Kinda sad that photobombing has gotten to a point where we need a service to remove them from photos.

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