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Tech Times

11 months ago

Long Term Birth Control WITH A Remote Control

A Massachusetts-based startup that specializes in long-term implantable drug delivery technology is developing an implantable birth control chip that can be switched on and off using a remote control. ———- This could change everything! Hopefully it doesn’t cause any insane side effects…


11 months ago

7 Reasons To Have More Sex [VIDEO]

Like you really needed more reasons to get it on but here they are anyway!


11 months ago

Airplane Pilot Averts Passenger Mutiny by Buying Everyone Pizza

Storms Monday night forced a flight heading to Denver from Washington to make a pitstop in Wyoming for several hours. Flight attendants had served all the food on the plane, so the pilot pulled the only surefire trick to keep fussy passengers from revolting: ply them with pizza. He ordered Domino’s, enough for each row […]


11 months ago

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ IMAX Sneak Peek Details [VIDEO]

Everything we learned from the special 17-minute sneak peek of Marvel’s upcoming superhero space epic.


11 months ago

Nine Inch Nails Song Turns Baby’s Cries Into Smiles [VIDEO]

Watch as this toddler goes from bawling to rocking thanks to a simple needle drop of Nine Inch Nails’ ‘Copy of A.’ —- I was about 5 years old when I first discovered NIN and it put a similar smile on my face. Good to start the kids young on good music!


11 months ago

Myths About Your Brain [VIDEO]

7 things you THOUGHT you knew about your brain but are total BS!


11 months ago

Walking Dead Season 5 Sneak Peek

Season 5 is coming this Fall but you can take a peek at what’s coming right now!

MTV News

11 months ago

Things Tim Howard Could Save Meme Wins

#ThingsTimHowardCouldSave is the best World Cup meme yet.

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