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8 months ago

Teen Robbery Suspect Turned In By His Family

Legal problems are probably the least of one attempted robbery suspect’s worries right now. His mother and grandmother showed him some tough love after seeing him in the back of a police car, and it was all caught on camera. His mother tells Eyewitness News she turned the 16-year-old in, and we were there when […]


8 months ago

Batman Gets Top Billing Over Superman In Superman Sequel

At least that’s part of the thinking at Warner Bros. when it comes to its Man of Steel sequel, which includes Ben Affleck as Batman. The studio announced today that the 2016 blockbuster will be officially titled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. ———- So not only are you remaking a movie that was just […]


9 months ago

Black Stone Cherry: Interview and Photos

Blando has a chat with Ben from Black Stone Cherry, and check out some pics from their performance at Carolina Rebellion 2014! [Show slideshow]


9 months ago

Past and Present Vocalists Compared By Vocal Range

Concert Hotels put together an interactive chart examining the recorded vocal ranges of the world’s greatest, and most popular, singers. Plotting the octaves successfully captured in the studio, the chart demonstrates just how far across the keyboard their pipes have spanned, listing the songs in which each vocalist has hit their lowest and highest notes. […]


9 months ago

Korn Guitarist Brian “Head” Welch Hospitalized In Russia

Last night (May 19), Korn guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch was admitted to a Russian hospital. The health scare forced Welch to drop out of Korn’s gig with Soulfly in Krasnoyarsk and the guitarist will remain hospitalized for “a few days” and will miss an unknown number of upcoming gigs. Welch was brought to Krasnoyarsk Hospital […]


9 months ago

Florida HS Charges $200 Per Ticket… TO GRADUATION!

A new policy that charges parents to attend their children’s graduation ceremony at Manatee High School is stirring controversy. While every senior is now required to pay a $20 fee to participate in the event, the school is also charging a $200 “premium” seating price. The extra cost pays for an entire bench near the […]


9 months ago

Drinkable Sunscreen? Yep, It’s Coming

Could the summer’s hottest cocktail be … sunblock? One company claims to have developed a drinkable sunscreen that provides protection comparable to an SPF 30 lotion. Osmosis Skincare’s UV Neutralizer Harmonized Water uses purified water “imprinted with unique vibrational waves which isolate out the precise frequencies needed to protect you from UV rays,” according to […]


9 months ago

Guardians of the Galaxy [Teaser]

In theaters until August 1st and every preview looks better and better.

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