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10 months ago

Please Don’t Try Charging Your iPhone in the Microwave

The latest 4chan hoax is called “Wave” and falsely claims that iOS 8 users can use a microwave to recharge their phones. ———- I’m not sure what’s worse: the a-holes putting this fake info out there or the idiots who believed it!


10 months ago

Grandma Starts Swearing Like A Sailor After Suffering A Stroke

Prim pensioner Pat Preston swears like a trooper for the first time in her life after waking from a stroke with a changed personality. Grandmother Pat, 65, has shocked her husband, Michael, 66, by turning the air blue with a stream four-letter words in front of her doctor; has sworn in the presence of friends; […]


10 months ago

Avenged Sevenfold – Chapter Four (Live Footage Video)

Avenged Sevenfold’s ‘Waking The Fallen: Resurrected’ is out now via Hopeless Records.


10 months ago

London Chefs Create “Human Flesh Burger” To Celebrate The Walking Dead’s New Season

Pretty sure we’ll never be *that* hungry. ———- Obviously it’s not REAL human flesh but it’s prepared so the meat will taste LIKE what human flesh is reported to taste like. Are you zombie enough to give it a try?


10 months ago

Portland police protect and serve pizza after crash

Two Portland police officers proved their willing to serve in any situation when they delivered a pizza earlier this month. ———- Very cool of these police officers to help not only the driver who was injured but the family who was hungry. Thumbs up Portland PD.

The Inquisitr News

10 months ago

Bad, Bad Girl! Stephanie Beaudoin, ‘World’s Sexiest Crook’ Facing 114 Charges, Creates Online Frenzy

Stephanie Beaudoin has been judged – by social media users – the world’s sexiest crook. Facing 114 theft charges, her Twitter pic is all anyone can talk about. ———- First the studly murderer, now the sexy burglar. Anybody else feel a movie or reality show premise coming out of this?

BBC News

10 months ago

‘Gimp Man of Essex’ aiming to spark debate while fundraising

A rubber fetishist takes to the streets in a ‘gimp suit’ in an attempt to challenge stereotypes and raise money. ———- This guy has found a way to let his freak flag fly AND stir the waters of social change in one swift motion. Kudos to you creepy rubber dude.


10 months ago

Starbucks Is Testing A New Latte That Tastes Exactly Like Guinness

The best part of waking up is the taste of Guinness in your cup.

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