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7 months ago

Police Bust TEEN SEXTING RING in Virginia

The Louisa County Sheriff’s Office is conducting a major investigation into a sexting ring involving more than 100 teens. The investigation started after a mother noticed suspicious activity on her daughter’s Instagram account. Kayla McNutt is a sophomore at Louisa County High School. She says lately, her friends have been talking about one thing. “Some […]


7 months ago

NINE MONTH OLD Indicted For MURDER In Pakistan

In a bizarre incident, a nine-month- old Pakistani boy has been booked for attempted murder by attacking a police team here. Musa was produced in court where Additional District and Sessions Judge Rafaqat Ali granted bail to the minor till April 12 and directed the police to “record his statement”. Police arrested Musa and his […]


7 months ago

Birth Control In Video Form

A dad posted clips of his Saturday mornings over a 3 months span. It includes a medley of terrible music and his daughter jumping on things and singing at the top of her lungs. He says he loves his daughter and I’m sure he does, but this video is one more piece of evidence telling […]


7 months ago

Stroke Patient HEARS Doctors Discuss Donating His Organs

A Swedish man who was paralysed by a stroke is filing an official complaint against a Gothenburg hospital after he listened in horror to his doctors telling his girlfriend and relatives he was going to die and discussing transplanting his liver and kidney. “I heard them tell my girlfriend and my relatives that there was […]


7 months ago

29 Story High Tetris Game Is EPIC!

Those who didn’t fritter away a sufficient portion of their youth playing Tetris got a second chance last night-on the side of a Philadelphia skyscraper. A 29-story version of the classic video game debuted last night on the Cira Centre, and if you thought the experience would be exactly like your old Game Boy, alas: […]


7 months ago

Accents of the British Isles (A Visual Tour)

Pretty cool look and listen of the different accents in the British Isles. Apparently my fake British accent is more Cornwall and my fake Irish is a bit Northern Irish. Both of mine are terrible and not close at all but I do them anyway.


7 months ago

Heroic Chicago Man Saves Girl Who Fell On Subway Tracks

The off-duty TSA worker who jumped onto the Blue Line tracks to halt an oncoming train Wednesday and save a woman said he wasn’t trying to be a hero, he just knew he had to help. “We’re good in America, but we still need each other. That’s all I can say,” Eddie Palacios, 50, told […]


7 months ago

Is The Walking Dead The Aftermath Of Breaking Bad?? (Fan Theory)

What if the universe inhabited by Walter White and Jesse Pinkman was the same one the cast of ‘The Walking Dead’ is trying to navigate? It’s the kind of question that seems ripe for a speculative fiction but AMC has been quietly stitching these two worlds into one for years. Of course some would argue […]

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