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5 months ago

How To Be A Man [Video]

Being A Man Might Seem Like A Scary Thing, But It’s Simpler Than You Think!


5 months ago

Please Don’t Try Charging Your iPhone in the Microwave

The latest 4chan hoax is called “Wave” and falsely claims that iOS 8 users can use a microwave to recharge their phones. ———- I’m not sure what’s worse: the a-holes putting this fake info out there or the idiots who believed it!


5 months ago

Grandma Starts Swearing Like A Sailor After Suffering A Stroke

Prim pensioner Pat Preston swears like a trooper for the first time in her life after waking from a stroke with a changed personality. Grandmother Pat, 65, has shocked her husband, Michael, 66, by turning the air blue with a stream four-letter words in front of her doctor; has sworn in the presence of friends; […]


5 months ago

Avenged Sevenfold – Chapter Four (Live Footage Video)

Avenged Sevenfold’s ‘Waking The Fallen: Resurrected’ is out now via Hopeless Records.


5 months ago

London Chefs Create “Human Flesh Burger” To Celebrate The Walking Dead’s New Season

Pretty sure we’ll never be *that* hungry. ———- Obviously it’s not REAL human flesh but it’s prepared so the meat will taste LIKE what human flesh is reported to taste like. Are you zombie enough to give it a try?


5 months ago

Portland police protect and serve pizza after crash

Two Portland police officers proved their willing to serve in any situation when they delivered a pizza earlier this month. ———- Very cool of these police officers to help not only the driver who was injured but the family who was hungry. Thumbs up Portland PD.

The Inquisitr News

5 months ago

Bad, Bad Girl! Stephanie Beaudoin, ‘World’s Sexiest Crook’ Facing 114 Charges, Creates Online Frenzy

Stephanie Beaudoin has been judged – by social media users – the world’s sexiest crook. Facing 114 theft charges, her Twitter pic is all anyone can talk about. ———- First the studly murderer, now the sexy burglar. Anybody else feel a movie or reality show premise coming out of this?

BBC News

5 months ago

‘Gimp Man of Essex’ aiming to spark debate while fundraising

A rubber fetishist takes to the streets in a ‘gimp suit’ in an attempt to challenge stereotypes and raise money. ———- This guy has found a way to let his freak flag fly AND stir the waters of social change in one swift motion. Kudos to you creepy rubber dude.

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