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4 months ago

Meet The Teacher Who Quit Her Job Because Twerking On Vine Made Her Rich

Twerker Jessica Vanessa explains how she left her job as a teacher to be a professional Vine twerker. ———- I’m not sure if it’s a good or a bad thing that you can make more shaking your ass online than from getting a college education and teaching the youth of tomorrow. Probably bad.

NBC News

4 months ago

‘Close to Home': Neighbors of Dallas Ebola Patient Concerned

Many residents of a Dallas neighborhood were woken early Sunday morning by a knock on their doors from city officials handing out Ebola information pamphlets… ———- This was already scary, now it’s getting closer to terrifying.

BBC News

4 months ago

British Students Encouraged To Pee In Shower To Save Water

People’s showering habits, using innovative technology, are revealed in a survey described as the first of its kind. ———- Basically they are telling these guys to do what every guy does anyway.


4 months ago

At Wife Carrying Championship, she ain’t heavy, she’s my lover

Forget carrying your bride over the threshold. Consider, instead, hauling her over a 278-yard obstacle course and you’ve got not just a… ———- Screw those 5k and 10k’s until they start giving out beer and piles of cash at the finish line.


4 months ago

Fired Teacher May Be Pregnant With Teen Student’s Child

We are learning more about a former Pacelli High School math teacher facing six felony counts of criminal sexual conduct in a position of authority. The court complaint states that the sexual relationship with 28-year-old Mary Gilles and a 17-year-old male student began last February. Gilles and the victim claim to have had sex four […]


4 months ago

Thanksgiving In A Bucket Will Be Your New Favorite Tradition

Thanksgiving dinner stacked up inside a bucket. I don’t get it.

ABC News

4 months ago

Man Tries to Trade Decrepit Detroit House for New iPhone – ABC News

The price on a three-bedroom home in east Detroit has dropped from $5,000 to a new iPhone 6 as the owner is desperate to sell ahead of the area’s tax auction season where “thousands” of homes near foreclosure will flood the market, real estate broker Larry Else told ABC News. ———- I’m not sure what’s […]


4 months ago

Man Seeks Donations to Keep Nickelback Away

It seems almost everyone dislikes Nickelback , but one London man apparently hates them more than most: Craig Mandell launched a crowdfunding campaign with the sole aim of keeping the Canadian band out… ———- What an absolute douchebag this guy is. If you don’t like Nickelback, don’t buy tickets to the show. Everybody who donates […]

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