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1 week ago

The You Rock Foundation: Jonathan Davis of Korn (Video)

Jonathan Davis, singer of Korn, speaks with The You Rock Foundation about his anxiety, depression, panic attacks, PTSD, schizophrenia, and substance abuse. ———- It always blows me away when someone as like Jonathan Davis opens up and shares the deepest, darkest secrets they have to try and help others. These are the celebrities that should […]


1 week ago

Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge Is Still Positive That ‘Aliens Exist’

“I have sources from the government… People wouldn’t believe me if I told them.” ———- I guess running around naked with 2 other dudes wasn’t the craziest thing about Tom DeLonge. Wowzers.


1 week ago

Massive snow banks used for dangerous winter fad

With the mounts of snow piling up outside, a new winter time phenomenon is gaining popularity but is raising concerns about serious injuries. ———- I don’t understand why the Boston mayor said anything. I call this “Natural Selection”. Stupid asses.


2 weeks ago

Dave Grohl Named Record Store Day 2015 Ambassador

We’ve gotten a lot of requests for the lists of past Record Store Day releases, and we’re happy to announce our  HISTORY  section, where those lists from2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011 Record Store Day and Back to Black  Friday  live. (We’re working on older lists, and we’ll get them up there as we get them […]

ABC News

2 weeks ago

3 Winning Tickets in $564M Powerball Drawing

Winning tickets were sold in North Carolina, Texas and Puerto Rico in Wednesday’s $564 million Powerball drawing, lottery officials confirmed. ———- Who were the big winners? And do they want to be our new best friends?


2 weeks ago

Hollywood Undead Plan March 2015 Album Release + Tour Dates

Hollywood Undead have revealed the title and release date of their new album and booked a number of album release shows. ———- Hollywood Undead hit the scene with an explosive debut song and album then faded out… then roared back… then faded again… will this be a 3rd resurgence?

ABC News

2 weeks ago

Vince Lombardi Sweater Found at Goodwill Shop Could Sell for $20,000

A couple found the old sweater of an NFL football legend at a North Carolina Goodwill for only 58 cents, but it could now fetch $20,000 in a current auction. ———- Again proving the cliche that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You never know what you’ll find in an old closet or attic […]


3 weeks ago

Petition · Ask Metallica to be the musical act for the halftime of Super Bowl 50

For over 30 years Metallica has broken down walls and led from the front in the heavy metal/hard rock genre. They are the undisputed kings of heavy metal and responsible for bringing the art form into the homes of millions around the world. Nobody sought them out, they forced their way in and continue to […]

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