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4 months ago

Doctors’ Offices Lose Millions To Magazine Theft, Study Says

Gossip mags are most likely to escape the waiting room… ———- Maybe this is why it costs a fortune for a checkup!


4 months ago

‘Magic’ Mushroom Found in Queen Elizabeth II’s Palace Garden

“Care for a mushroom, your high ness?” Queen Elizabeth II may well decline after a television crew discovered a so-called “magic” mushroom in her palace gardens. “I won’t… ———- I KNEW the Queen listened to Pink Floyd!


4 months ago

The vending machine of the future is here, and it knows who you are

The world’s first vending machine with facial recognition technology has been unveiled, and it could refuse to vend a certain product based on a shopper’s age, medical record or dietary requirements ———– Stop trying to protect people from making themselves fat! It’s called personal accountability and if you can’t stop shoving Twinkies in your cakehole, […]


4 months ago

911 Tape: Relatives Claim Scott Stapp Out to ‘Assassinate’ Obama

TMZ has released a 911 call from last month in which Scott Stapp’s wife Jaclyn and sister-in-law call into the Sheriff’s office. ———- Sadly I don’t see this story ending well…


5 months ago

Local officials to seek FBI’s help with $500,000 robbery

Local authorities are expected to ask for help from the FBI after a robbery early this morning that netted at least a half-million dollars in diamonds and precious metals. ———- I’m honestly surprised it’s taken this long to start seeing these movie style heists in real life.


5 months ago

Ben Edelman, Harvard Business School Professor, Goes to War Over $4 Worth of Chinese Food

If you’ve ever wondered what happens when a Harvard Business School professor thinks a family-run Chinese restaurant screwed him out of $4, you’re about to find out. ———- I have a feeling $4 are nothing for this guy which makes this story that much more pathetic.


5 months ago

Awash in Plastic: Oceans May Hold 250,000 Tons of Trash

Ocean waters may hold 10 times more garbage than a previous estimate. ———- This is bad. Not really more you can say until the world decides to work together and fix it.


5 months ago

Onslow Co. parents concerned about “After School” app used for cyber bullying

We received several phone calls from concerned parents in the Richlands area about cyberbullying, involving a cell phone app named After School. ———- I honestly don’t understand why kids have smartphones. I can almost understand giving them a simple phone for emergencies but kids with smarphones is stupid. And this is one of the many […]

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