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4 months ago

2015 Grammys: Tenacious D Win Best Metal Performance Award

Voters for the prestigious awards ceremony have bypassed legit metal bands to award the Best Metal Performance trophy to comedy act Tenacious D. ———- We love Tenacious D but really? Who the hell votes for these awards? Have any of them ever heard of METAL or ROCK for that matter?


4 months ago

Porn filmed in Oregon State University library

Oregon State University’s main library just went viral, and not because of its state-of-the-art computer lab. ———- That’s one way to get your application numbers up.


4 months ago

In Short, Divers ‘soaked in faeces’ in whale ‘poonado’

Divers engulfed by whale’s 30-metre-wide bowel movement. ———- You really get to see some amazing crap in the ocean.


4 months ago

A Drone, Too Small for Radar to Detect, Rattles the White House

A system to detect flying objects failed to pick up a small drone, raising questions about whether the Secret Service could bring down a similar object if it endangered the president. ———- In less than a year a man has successfully run into the White House on foot and now somebody got a drone onto […]

the Guardian

4 months ago

Pharrell Williams and Al Gore announce Live Earth 2015

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Williams says the event will see ‘humanity harmonise all at once’ ———- Let’s just hope that ManBearPig doesn’t show up!


4 months ago

Chris Pratt, Chris Evans make awesome Super Bowl bet

Star-Lord likes the Seahawks while Captain America is a Patriots fan. ———- Not only are the Marvel movies great because of the content, but they keep finding the best damn people to play the characters!


4 months ago

Teen caught after posing as OB/GYN at hospital for month, fooling doctors

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Police say a teenager in Florida was “playing doctor” inside a real medical facility. The teen, who posed as a doctor, was able to walk the halls of St. Mary’s Medical Cente… ———- Look kid, there’s only ONE Doogie Howser MD and it ain’t you!


4 months ago

NFL says New England Patriots had under-inflated footballs in AFC championship game

The New England Patriots had 11 of their 12 allotted game footballs underinflated by 2 pounds of air (PSI) less than what’s required by NFL regulations, according to sources either involved or familiar with the investigation of Sunday’s AFC title game. ———- Once again the NFL finds wrongdoing in their ranks and I expect they’ll […]

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