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Metal Hammer

2 months ago

Kroeger laughs off Nickelback ban campaign

And he says that if haters hadn’t kept raising the quartet’s profile over the years, they’d probably have split up by now. Londoner Craig Mandell launched his bid this week, calling on fans to donate to his appeal with the aim of ensuring “that the band do not schedule any gigs here, do not attempt […]

Washington Post

2 months ago

The merchant of disease who wants six figures for Ebola.com

Jon Schultz is a cigarette-thin man who will, upon requests for a photograph, don a ruby robe and strike a regal pose. Schultz is a businessman and he wants to look good. There’s money to be made everywhere – even off tragedy and disaster. For the right kind of entrepreneur, Schultz said Monday night, calamity […]


2 months ago

Sara X Wiggles Boobs To Mozart

This recording of Eine Kleine is from the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra’s 1936 performance. Yay public domain! I’m a tall tattooed weirdo with an offbeat sen… ———- Man I love the internet sometimes.

New York Post

2 months ago

Nurse accused of killing 38 patients she found annoying

Cops arrested a nurse in northeast Italy in connection to the deaths of as many as 38 patients, who she might have killed because she found them – or their relatives – annoying, officials said. Pol… ———- What the hell is wrong with people?


2 months ago

No laughing matter: Creepy clowns terrorize city

CALIFORNIA – Many are saying it’s like something out of a horror movie. A clown or a group of clowns are making quite the stir in Wasco, California. The reason behind the so-called “Wasco clown” is… ———- This is awesome. Seems a group of friends decided it was time to go viral with a pretty […]


2 months ago

Meet The Teacher Who Quit Her Job Because Twerking On Vine Made Her Rich

Twerker Jessica Vanessa explains how she left her job as a teacher to be a professional Vine twerker. ———- I’m not sure if it’s a good or a bad thing that you can make more shaking your ass online than from getting a college education and teaching the youth of tomorrow. Probably bad.

NBC News

2 months ago

‘Close to Home': Neighbors of Dallas Ebola Patient Concerned

Many residents of a Dallas neighborhood were woken early Sunday morning by a knock on their doors from city officials handing out Ebola information pamphlets… ———- This was already scary, now it’s getting closer to terrifying.

BBC News

2 months ago

British Students Encouraged To Pee In Shower To Save Water

People’s showering habits, using innovative technology, are revealed in a survey described as the first of its kind. ———- Basically they are telling these guys to do what every guy does anyway.

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