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12 hours ago

Breaking Benjamin – Coming Soon

2014 Teaser of a new album by Breaking Benjamin. We don’t know when it will come out, but it will be soon! It also reveals the new roster! ———- Sa-weet!


12 hours ago

Casino Loses Thousands of Dollars After Leaving Them On TOP Of Armored Truck

The soon-to-be-closed Revel just can’t seem to catch a break. Earlier this month, more than $20,000 was lost when an armored car company picked up money from the Atlantic City casino – and left one of the bags on the roof. Now, an investigation is underway to find out what happened to the money. ———- […]


2 days ago

Slipknot Seek Human Maggots for ‘The Devil In I’ Video

Slipknot put a casting call out for their human maggots to take part in ‘The Devil In I’ video shoot. ———- This isn’t the first time Slipknot has made a video with their fans. The band also used fans in the video for “Duality”.


2 days ago

Poker Player’s Interesting Reaction After Winning $15M [Video]

Daniel Colman reacts to winning $15M after defeating Daniel Negreanu in the 2014 Big One for One Drop event at the World Series of Poker. ———- This guy looks like the head of the A/V Club at prom… AWKWARD!

MTV News

2 days ago

There’s An App That Allows Your Parents To Lock Your Phone If You Ignore Them

A Texas mom was sick of having calls and texts to her son ignored, so she counteracted by inventing an app. ———- This is brilliant! I don’t understand the trend of kids with smartphones and am surprised this didn’t happen sooner.


2 days ago

Best Worst Twerking Video Ever

If you think the bad twerking is the funny part of this video…. just wait.

For The Win

3 days ago

‘Dodgeball: The Movie’ is nothing compared to real competitive dodgeball

“You have to have respect for the game,” said one dodgeball player. ———- This is awesome. I wish there was a league in ENC. I’d join!


6 days ago

Alcohol Delivered By Underwear Models Available In LA

What’s better than having your favorite alcohol delivered to your door? Having it delivered by a model in his or her underwear, of course. ———- Fun concept but I see this lasting about a week before something goes way bad.

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