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The One Thing That Can Stop The Violence In Ferguson, MO


The protesting, violence and rioting in Ferguson, Missouri continues. Something needs to be done ease the tension and bring a community together in peace rather than violence. Both the police and rioters need to calm down. But what can achieve that goal?

While thinking about this I learned that Joanna Rohrback¬†released another Prancercise video. Although this time she’s not looking like a fool alone. She has someone Prancercising with her. It was at this point I realized she could end the violence in Ferguson.

Just imagine all the angry rioters and amped up police watching someone prancercise in the middle of all the violence, through clouds of tear gas and flash bang grenades. Everyone would stop and think, “What the hell?”

Andt there you have it. The one thing that can stop the violence in Ferguson.

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