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Louis Slungpue & Howard Stern Fan: Does The News Check Sources Anymore? [VIDEO]


The credibility of news organizations is in toilet. It’s not hard to figure out why when stories like these occur.

huge water main break has left much of Sunset Boulevard and the UCLA campus under water. Water was gushing up to 30 feet into the air and some locals were trying to boogie board in the water (California, man). One brave man called in ABC 7 in Los Angeles and pretended to be a Department of Public Works employee named Louis Slungpue. Louis Slungpue’s working theory for the cause is “either a cherry bomb or someone took a massive dump.”


MSNBC fell for a similar prank earlier this month involving the Malaysian Airlines flight MH 17 disaster when a Howard Stern fan called in to the program “The Cycle.”

The crass call came from a prankster under the guise of Staff Sgt. Michael Boyd, who apparently told the cable network’s phone screener he was calling from the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine and had seen the plane crash.