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Nickelback or ‘nickel sack?’ Deputies mistake conversation about rock band for drug reference


Let this story be a lesson for you:  Never talk about NICKELBACK in public.  It’s not only shameful, it might also get you ARRESTED.

Two guys in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho found out the consequences of publicly discussing Nickelback the hard way back on June 20th.

They were at a gas station talking about how a guy was blasting Nickelback, and two cops overheard them.  The cops thought they were saying a “nickel sack” of marijuana.

Things escalated . . . the cops wouldn’t let it go . . . and at one point a cop allegedly pulled a GUN on them.

At the end of a LONG conversation, the cops ended up letting the guys go and no charges were filed.

As the conversation went on, one of the guys was recording on his cell phone.  He posted it on YouTube . . . and it’s been blowing up since, as an example of cops harassing people unreasonably.

You can see the video on YouTube here  “who in their right mind.”  WARNING: PROFANITY

(Coeur d’Alene Press)