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‘Fat’? ‘Jumbo’? Clothing label unveils new sizes



Shame definitely can be a way to manipulate people to do what you want. Is it the right thing to do? Hell no! But that hasn’t stopped a clothing company from doing it. Welcome to the world of Japan.


A Japanese clothing company has replaced the usual sizes (think S, M, and L) with ones sure to boost shoppers’ self-esteem—like Titch, Skinny, Fat, and Jumbo, the Daily Mail reports. The company, Fatyo, says on its website that it’s just trying to make the word fat “cool.” But Jumbo? Well, the move is getting attention, although Fatyo isn’t the first Japanese brand to create unusual garment sizes. Could be Fatyo is reminding the Japanese (the slimmest people in the developed world) not to get too hefty

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