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More Women Grilling This Memorial Day Than Ever Before


Heading into the top grilling holidays of the year, Memorial Day (62 percent of grill owners will be firing up the grill); Father’s Day (45 percent); Fourth of July (84 percent) and Labor Day (71 percent), The 25th annual Weber GrillWatch Survey shows that more women than ever before (25 percent) are taking control of the tongs when it comes to grilling outdoors. This number is up from 20 percent last year, and 15 percent in 2009 – and the highest percentage since Weber started fielding the survey a quarter century ago.

“Grilling goes hand in hand with the culture of enjoying the great outdoors and most importantly, having fun,” says Kim Lefko, EVP of Marketing, AMERICAS, Weber-Stephen Products LLC. “Our research shows that people prefer grilling outside to cooking indoors, so it’s great to see that women are picking up the tongs and taking control of the grill.”


I think this is awesome… and not in a “make me a sammich woman” kind of way. I personally love grilling and I’m glad more women are feeling the joy of cooking over an open flame. Mmmm….

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