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Friend Zone Level: Human Shield


A teenager saved the life of his friend when he pushed her to safety and was hit by a truck.

Kameron Howell-Meeker, 15, and Ellie Fielder, 17, were walking along River Road in Clackamas County Tuesday evening to meet friends when the truck swerved toward them.

Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested the driver, Corey Brownlee, for DUII and assault.


After saving her from being hit by a truck, this poor dude is STILL stuck in the Friend Zone. Girls, let me give you a little piece of advice you’ll wish you had listened to when you get older. You know that really nice guy you consider your “best guy friend” while you date a bunch of a-holes? You know, the one you go to when your boyfriend treats you like crap. He is the happiness you’re missing out on.

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