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Americans Only Watch 17 Of Nearly 200 Channels On Average


It’s become a cliche: “Why am I forced to buy more cable channels I never watch?”

Now, new data show the common consumer complaint is true.

Last year, U.S. cable subscribers got a record average of 189 channels in prepackaged bundles but watched only 17 of those channels, according to a report this week by Nielsen. And the appetite to view more channels, even when offered vastly more television content, hasn’t changed much in years. In five years, cable companies added 60 more channels for the typical subscriber, but viewers haven’t increased their consumption of new content. They have consistently watched an average of 17 channels.


I’ve wondered for some time and I think we are getting closer to it but how long until you can select the individual channels you want instead of blocks of programming like is offered now. As internet TV increases I think this could become a reality.

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