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Insult Leads Woman To Lose 130lbs To Become Hooters Waitress


Cearra Swetman is a beauty by any measure.

With big brown eyes, full lips, and thick shiny dark hair, she’s the kind of person who never takes a bad picture.

But if you look at pictures of her from a year ago, you’ll also notice something that bothered her – more than a 100 extra pounds.

“I’m a young woman and I didn’t feel like a young woman,” she says.

“I didn’t feel attractive, I just felt out of shape.”


After being made fun of for being overweight and wearing a Hooters shirt, Cearra dropped the weight to BECOME an actual Hooters waitress. I’m not condoning insulting people with weight issues but I have massive respect for this chick. She was embarrassed by her appearance and took life by the reins and worked her ass off (literally) to change that. We should all take notes.

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