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The 40 Best Cult TV Comedies Ever


It’s not hard to put together a canon of great TV comedies: Everybody would agree that popular phenomenons like I Love Lucy, Cheers and Seinfeld would make the cut. But what about the obscurities, the oddities and the out-there experiments that pushed the boundaries of TV comedy and broke their own molds in the process? You know, the ones that were both gut-bustingly hilarious and so weird or wild that they only lasted a few seasons, or in some cases, a handful of episodes? Or the shows that are still flying their freak flags high, but aren’t exactly going to be showing up in the Nielsen Top 10 rankings?


Sports Night was one of my favorite shows of all time. I’ve watched the whole series multiple times and enjoy it more every time through. Still makes me sad it got cancelled before it could have a true “finale”.

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