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Couple Calls To Tell Son Goodbye Before Stepping In Front Of A Train


Earl and Mary Myatt met at a party when they were 17.
“It was one of those instant loves,” said their son, Brad Myatt, 30.

His parents were married for 42 years.

Their marriage and lives ended Sunday when they stood in the path of a CSX train in the Oneida County town of Verona. They were both 59.

Earl and Mary Myatt, of Oneida, were hardworking parents who doted on their children and then their grandchildren. He loved to golf. She loved to fish and make sandcastles at Verona Beach.

But their story is one where the complications of age and illness came early: Mary Myatt had a brain aneurysm in January, her son said.


This is one of the saddest things I’ve ever heard. I want to look at this as a testament to true love but my mind keeps coming back to how selfish of a decision this was by the dad. Did the mom have a clue what was going on? And now their family is left to pick up the emotional pieces. Either way, very sad.

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