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Police Bust TEEN SEXTING RING in Virginia


The Louisa County Sheriff’s Office is conducting a major investigation into a sexting ring involving more than 100 teens.

The investigation started after a mother noticed suspicious activity on her daughter’s Instagram account.

Kayla McNutt is a sophomore at Louisa County High School. She says lately, her friends have been talking about one thing.

“Some guys made up an Instagram page, and they got naked pictures from all these girls, and they started posting them on the Instagram page,” she said.


The worst part about this story is that these girls have no idea the kinds of problems they are causing themselves in the future sending these pics to boys. Whoever was posting them is obviously a d-bag but these girls either took the pics or allowed someone to take them so they aren’t 100% fault free either. And I’m sure the account will be deleted if it hasn’t been already but that won’t make these pics magically disappear from any computers they were saved too while they were posted. The repercussions could haunt them forever.

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