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NINE MONTH OLD Indicted For MURDER In Pakistan


In a bizarre incident, a nine-month- old Pakistani boy has been booked for attempted murder by attacking a police team here.

Musa was produced in court where Additional District and Sessions Judge Rafaqat Ali granted bail to the minor till April 12 and directed the police to “record his statement”.

Police arrested Musa and his father Ahmed in an attempted murder case by attacking police team during raids in Muslim Town, Lahore and produced them in court.


And I thought the justice system here in America was screwed up! The father of the kid says the police were pursuing false charges against him and several other family members and are using the kid’s arrest as leverage against them. In what reality does ANYBODY believe a kid under 1 year old, or any toddler for that matter, was trying or even has the capability to murder someone… especially a trained police officer. This is just wrong.

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