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Heroic Chicago Man Saves Girl Who Fell On Subway Tracks


The off-duty TSA worker who jumped onto the Blue Line tracks to halt an oncoming train Wednesday and save a woman said he wasn’t trying to be a hero, he just knew he had to help.

“We’re good in America, but we still need each other. That’s all I can say,” Eddie Palacios, 50, told DNAinfo Chicago. “I hope one day if I need something, my kids need something, somebody else needs something, somebody will be there. That’s what I hope and pray for.”


This guy is a true hero. He wasn’t looking for glory or a payday or anything other than to save someone’s life who needed saving. The thing that really floored me after watching the video was how many other people were there and did NOTHING! I don’t expect them all to jump down on the tracks but they don’t try to help get the conductor’s attention, offer a hand to pull him or the girl up, or even end their freaking phone calls. They just look over and shrug “not my problem” and move on. Apathy kills people, start living in the real world and rejoin this thing we call society.

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