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Is The Walking Dead The Aftermath Of Breaking Bad?? (Fan Theory)


What if the universe inhabited by Walter White and Jesse Pinkman was the same one the cast of ‘The Walking Dead’ is trying to navigate? It’s the kind of question that seems ripe for a speculative fiction but AMC has been quietly stitching these two worlds into one for years. Of course some would argue these are merely Easter Eggs – nods to fellow shows on the same network. But how many times can you hide clues in a show before it goes from a hat tip to a dire warning?

It all started innocently enough. Way back in Season 2. In the second episode ‘Bloodletting’ we learn from Daryl that his brother was a drug dealer before the walkers came. Taking out a plastic bag with Merle’s stash to bring down T-Dog’s fever, viewers can clearly see Blue Sky just laying in the bottom of the bag.


This could actually make sense if you really think about it. The disease could have spread among drug users or even STARTED FROM drug use. Meth heads are kind of zombie-like once the drug takes control of their life. Or it could just be a coincidence. Still cool to consider.

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