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Man Loses ‘Tools’…As Hyena Mauls His Genitals




Of all the get-rich-quick schemes out there, this has got to be the most painful.

Chamangeni Zulu lives in Zambia, and he’s in his early 20s. And he recently talked to a witchdoctor, who said he’d get rich if he sacrificed one of his body parts.

So last Monday, he did what the witchdoctor told him…he walked out of his village, and stripped down naked. And not long after he did, he got attacked by a HYENA, which tore off three of his toes.

But apparently Chamengeni wasn’t sure that was enough of a sacrifice. So he stuck around…and also let the hyena eat off his manhood. Then he crawled to a nearby road where some cops spotted him and took him to the hospital.

Now he’s in stable condition, and says he doesn’t regret it…because he’s excited about all the money he’s about to come into. There’s even a photo of him, lying in a hospital bed with a huge smile on his face.

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