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Norwegian Teen Gets McDonald’s Receipt Tattoo For No Good Reason


An 18-year-old Norwegian dude named Stian Ytterdahl just got a tattoo of his McDonald’s receipt on his arm. Now that’s someone who really loves Happy Meals.

Ytterdahl claims that his friends made him get the tattoo for being “too active with the ladies,” according to Gawker, and the artists at Sabelink Tattoo were happy to oblige. They even offered him a free tat-the receipt for their McDonald’s ink job on his other arm. Ytterdahl is set to go under the needle again on Monday.


I’m a big fan of tattoos and expressing yourself but this is just stupid. On the positive side, he’s obviously an idiot so if he actually is “active with the ladies” maybe this will keep his moron ass from reproducing.

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