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Warren Buffett WILL NOT Be Paying Out $1 Billion This Time


Nobody’s perfect — in life or the 2014 NCAA basketball brackets.

But Brad Binder gave it quite a ride, notching 36 correct men’s tournament picks until he was derailed Saturday night.
Binder, 23, of Buffalo Grove, Illinois, picked the wrong team to win the Syracuse-Dayton game, killing his chance of a perfect 63-0 bracket in the Yahoo Sports’ Tourney Pick’em pool.

Binder had picked every single game in the round of 64 and the first four games played Saturday. Then, Dayton upset Syracuse, 55-53. Binder had picked the Orange.

The pool is for bragging rights and has no prize money, unlike other bracket pools.


I didn’t even fill out a bracket this year and I was worried I missed a golden opportunity but I would have definitely had UNC or Duke in the Final Four so I would have been screwed anyway. Maybe next year!

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