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I know Pope Francis wants to be the coolest pope ever, but I’m pretty sure he’s not planning to make that happen by getting everyone at the Vatican high.

This happened in January, but the news just came out.  Apparently, police in Germany intercepted a package from South America to the Vatican because there were 14 condoms filled with cocaine inside.

As far as I know, neither cocaine or condoms are welcomed at the Vatican.

It’s not clear who the cocaine was for, but there are only about 800 residents in Vatican City, so the suspect list is pretty small.  The package was just addressed to the Vatican post office where anyone could’ve picked it up.

The cocaine had a street value of about $55,000.  The police tried to catch the person waiting for it by setting up a sting and having the package delivered to the Vatican post office, but no one came and claimed it.

The Pope hasn’t commented on the cocaine shipment.

Regardless, with all the slang terms for cocaine I thought it would be good to create more just for the this story. Which one do you like best?


Catholic Candy

Francis Flakes

Yahweh Yeyo

Sister Sniff


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