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Kurt Cobain “Stuff” Being Sold On Craigslist


I’ve got all kinds of mixed feelings about this story. First off I’m hesitant to trust ANYTHING sold on Craigslist, especially things that someone claims were owned by someone who died 20 years ago. Why did he keep a set of skis and a phone that long only to sell them now for chump change? Secondly IF this stuff was really Kurt’s, why would a fan want stuff having nothing to do with what he was known for… art and music. Smells fishy BUT for a die-hard fan it could be a one-of-a-kind collector’s item.


Kurt Cobain’s old roommate is reportedly selling a host of the Nirvana frontman’s belongings on Craigslist. The items for sale include a set of skis ($80) and a telephone ($55) as well as a video game called Kingman ($25).

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