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Seth Rogen Speaks To Congress… About Alzheimer’s!


Seth Rogen visited Capitol Hill on Wednesday not to discuss the legalization of marijuana, nor to shoot the third season of Netflix’s “House of Cards.” No, Mr. Rogen went to Washington to make a case for Alzheimer’s disease research.
Yeah, we’re just as surprised as you are.

The “This Is the End” star, 31, who serves as an Alzheimer’s Assn. celebrity champion, addressed a Senate committee about the neurodegenerative disorder and opened up about the plight of his mother-in-law, Adele, his authenticity punctuated with self-deprecating humor during a hearing about the rising cost of Alzheimer’s.



I wish more celebrities would use their star power and influence to fight for causes like this instead of using it to get out of DUI’s and sell perfume.

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