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4 Meals You Can Cook With Your Coffee Pot




Guys have, and will, always be the ones to use whatever is on hand to find a means to an end.  It’s how we’re wired.  When was the last time you heard a woman asking for duct tape to fix a pair of shoes?  That is exactly the reason why this video intrigued me.  After all it’s using a coffee pot to cook meals.  How cool is that?



I do have a few issues with this.  First, where are the raman noodles?  They cook really well in a coffee pot. Second, is the time it takes to prepare a meal.  I mean, c’mon!  What guy is going to take an hour or more to cook a hot dog?  We’ll just go to the microwave or anything that takes longer than 5 minutes.  However, the grilled cheese looks convenient, and safer than me bringing my industrial heat gun into work.  By the way, that baby will cook anything in no time.  Just have a heat glove handy.