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Raleigh Snow Gridlock Symbolized By Flaming Car




When the internet latches onto something it doesn’t let go.  Which makes it no surprise that a car that burst into flames struggling to get up a snow covered hill spread like fire on Reddit.  The images of a flaming white sedan became an icon of snow related gridlock in Raleigh.   Here’s what one witnessed told The News & Observer,

“I could see this car trying to go up the hill, and it was struggling, and then it kind of pulled off to the side.  The smoke wasn’t white.  It was black.”

I understand wanting to get to your nice warm house and out of the snow.  But, if you find you can’t make it up that slick hill the last thing you should do is floor the gas peddle and will your way to the top.  You’re just going to spin your tires and strain your engine.  Especially, if you haven’t winterized it for the snowy conditions.  And I’m sure very few cars were properly winterized in Raleigh.  After all, this weather is not usual for this part of the state.
For those of us who come from other areas – that are all too familiar with snow – stories like this make us laugh our ass off.  In the meantime enjoy the photo.

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