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Naked Chicks Are Distraction From Inevitably Pathetic Achy Breaky 2 [VIDEO]




Nothing screams for attention and the limelight like a poor attempt at resurrecting a flash  in the pan career.  But, leave it to Billy Ray Cyrus to make the attempt.  He has released the sequel to his 22-year-old song “Achy Breaky Heart.”

However, this one is just a regurgitated version of the original filtered through the hip-hop machine and slapped with the label Achy Breaky 2 featuring Billy Ray Cyrus.  Yes, that’s right, it’s not Billy Ray singing the song, but he does sing the chorus while some aspiring hip-hop artist named Buck 22 sings the rest of the song.

With this information it’s starting to make sense – due to all the hip-hop songs that rely heavily on the hooks of hit songs from the past rather than taking the risk of creating something original.  But, why this song?  Let’s take a look.

  1. Billy Ray is Miley Cyrus’ dad.  Miley is popular and has a successful career.  (I just threw up in my mouth typing that).
  2. Billy Ray’s song was a hit in 1992 and people still remember the hook.  $$$$.
  3. Billy can name drop Miley in the song and protect Buck 22 from looking desperate.  (Regardless, he looks desperate anyway by wanting to do this project).
  4. Just load the video with naked chicks in body paint to distract from the glaringly obvious lack of anything redeeming about this project.
  5. If it fails Billy Ray takes most of the heat and Buck 22 can move on to stealing the hook from some other song while the pathetic stench of this wears off.
  6. Billy Ray’s song was a hit in 1992 and people still remember the hook.  $$$$.

Now you see how that works.  I only have two questions, though. Why did Larry King agree to do this?




And what the hell is with the Andy Griffith Show reenactment in the video?  There’s nothing wholesome about this.




Regardless, watch the video.  If you get anything out of it it will probably be a chubby in your shorts from the nearly naked chicks.  But, that’s only if you mute the video.