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7-Eleven Testing Doritos Cheesesticks


The internet woke today to news of a new test product spotted at 7-Elevens in Washington D.C. called “Doritos Loaded.” ‘Net-designated vanguard Kevin Cobb, who tweeted a photo of the snacks as early as January 28th, described them as “nacho cheese Doritos dipped in queso.” A subsequent taste test by Junk Food Guy found the deep-fried triangles to be “almost too crispy. Like, sitting-under-a-heart-lamp-for-too-long crispy.” We ourselves will wait patiently for Dude Foods to teach us how to make our own.

What’s the next thing to get “Doritos Loaded”? We’ve got tacos and cheesesticks. Maybe breadsticks? Or pizza crust? What about pork rinds? Now I’m getting hungry…

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