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Olympic Slogan Is As Bad As Sochi Hotels




I was watching the Olympics over the weekend and noticed, plastered all over the place, the slogan Russia decided exuded the spirit of the games – Hot. Cool. Yours.

At first I wondered, “What the hell were they thinking?”  Then I thought, “Maybe they consulted Borat for advice.”  But, after some not so serious pondering I realized that we shouldn’t expect much from the country to went over four times over budget on getting ready for the games ($51 billion compared to the $12 billion bid to get the games).  With an obvious lack of attention to detail and management this slogan is just as cheesy and dressed up as the outward appearance of everything in Sochi.  Have you seen all the poor construction and conditions being posted on Twitter?  Just search #SochiFail or check out @SochiProblems

Regardless, it’s just a slogan and evidence that in this age of globalization Russia still hasn’t mastered the art of looking cool to the western world.  Which is why I had to do this…