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Wellesley College’s “Sleepwalker” Statue Causes Nightmares


A realistic-looking statue of a man sleepwalking in his underwear near the center of Wellesley College has created a stir among the women on campus, especially as more than 100 students at the all-women’s college signed a petition asking administrators to remove it.

The statue, called Sleepwalker, is part of an art exhibit featuring sculptor Tony Matelli at the college’s Davis Museum. The exhibit, New Gravity, features sculptures that are often reversed, upended or atomized.

Usually I defend the artists on things like this but even I have to admit a SUPER realistic statue of a man… in his underwear… on an all female college campus MIGHT just be a little bit of a stupid idea. If it was somewhere like a fountain maybe but on the sidewalk? Here, look how creepy this damn thing is:

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